Cash Bail

  • Peters: Ending cash bail necessary to achieve safety and justice in our communities

    peters 022620SPRINGFIELD – The End Money Bond Coalition hosted a rally in the Capitol rotunda Tuesday in support of a measure to end cash bail in Illinois. State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago), who will sponsor the legislation in the Senate, spoke at the rally.

    “We know what safety and justice looks like in our communities,” Peters said. “We know it’s a roof over your head. We know it’s a social worker at your school. We know it’s being able to drink your water. And we know that it’s not locking you up because you’re poor.”

    Peters is the Chair of the Senate Special Committee on Public Safety and has made ending cash bail in Illinois his top priority for the 2020 legislative session.

  • Senate Dems unveil public safety priorities

    pub safety 020620CHICAGO – Several Democratic members of the newly formed Senate Special Committee on Public Safety met in Chicago today to unveil their public safety priorities for this year’s legislative session.

    State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago), who will chair the committee, spoke of his past legislative accomplishments and how they motivate him to continue that fight.

    “I’ve dedicated my adult life toward the fight to reimagine and to win real safety and justice, and last year I passed several laws with this goal in mind, including one to abolish private detention centers,” Peters said. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to personally head up the Special Committee on Public Safety, and I am confident that the committee will lead to a society that is fair, equitable, just and, most importantly, safe.”