Sen. Celina Villanueva

Villanueva measure pushes for worker protections

SPRINGFIELD - Action sponsored by State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) that would protect the rights of workers moved out of the Senate.

“Current law does not accurately reflect the working habits of our society, which is why this measure is so critical,” Villanueva said. “Having clear, strong labor laws is one of the most important ways we prevent the exploitation of workers whose contributions allow our communities to prosper.”

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Sen. Linda Holmes

Holmes: Teachers spending their money on classroom supplies deserve a tax break

SPRINGFIELD - Educators throughout the state spend their own money for classroom supplies and materials with no expectation of repayment, but that will change if State Senator Linda Holmes’ (D-Aurora) Senate Bill 1143 becomes law.

“Our school funding falls short of what materials students need in the classroom, and I’m pleased we can offer support in the gap between what district funding affords and how much educators are voluntarily spending out of their own pockets for these items,” Holmes said.

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Sen. Mike Simmons

Simmons leads measure to increase mental health support for students

SPRINGFIELD - In an effort to empower students and provide them with greater access to the resources they need, State Senator Mike Simmons (D-Chicago) initiated and passed a measure, Senate Bill 4028, that would require Illinois elementary and high schools to discuss how and where to find access to mental health treatment.

“Our children have been through constant stress the last two years,” said Simmons. “Their sacrifices from the pandemic have exacerbated the growing mental health crisis among our state’s youth.”

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