counseling 080420WESTERN SPRINGS – State Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton (D-Western Springs) urged those who are struggling with mental health issues to see if they qualify for help through three new Illinois Department of Human Services’ designed to provide housing, crisis support and community care resources.

“We're all laboring under heavy mental and emotional burdens right now, so we can't forget how much harder of a struggle this is for our friends and neighbors who are managing mental health issues,” Glowiak Hilton said. “Those in need should reach out to local service providers to see what options are available to them.”

IDHS’ new programs include the Living Room Program, Transitional Living Centers Program and the Transitional Community Care and Support Program. All three coordinate with community-based mental health centers and non-traditional service providers to increase access to the services they offer, as well as to develop their clinical services.

The Living Room Program is designed to break the cycle of psychiatric hospitalization by providing a safe, home-like environment for people to go to process mental health crises. Peer run crisis services are used to provide a less traumatic and more empowering alternative for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

The Transitional Living Centers Program provides immediate housing to people living with mental illness while they work to find permanent housing. Priority is given to those being discharged from psychiatric hospitals who are at risk for homelessness.

The Transitional Community Care and Support Program assists uninsured or underinsured patients transitioning out of psychiatric care. The program includes funding for non-traditional supports, such as cell phones, food, clothing, transportation and other resources that are necessary for individuals to succeed as they transition back into communities.

For more information and a full list of IDHS’ mental health programs, visit their website.