• Senators bring awareness to hate crimes (VIDEO)

    muslim action daySPRINGFIELD – Chicago senators took on hate in a statehouse press conference by recognizing April 19 as Illinois Muslim Action Day.

    Senate Resolution 1748 recognizes the national Take on Hate Day and efforts to fight anti-religious hate crimes.

    State Sens. Mattie Hunter and Jacqueline Y. Collins joined the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) for a press conference and recognized pages for the day on the Senate floor.


  • Spending authority to end the 2016 budget impasse (AUDIO)

    trotter sb2046Today, the Illinois Senate passed legislation that could essentially end the 2016 budget year stalemate.

    Some 90 percent of the state spending plan already is in place because of various court orders, leaving just higher education and many social services, which serve thousands of Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens, left unfunded. This afternoon the Senate concurred with the House on Senate Bill 2046 and approved spending authority for the state’s public universities and social services left unfunded during the budget impasse.

  • Winners, losers predictable in governor's ed funding plan

    edfund losers 2016 ftr

  • Sen. Hunter helps former offenders re-enter society

    hunter 040716CHICAGO – State Senator Mattie Hunter passed legislation in the Illinois Senate to extend the time former offenders have to restore their lives.

    "People who have served time and corrected their wrongs shouldn't have only a month to restart their lives. This bill makes it easier for people to get back on their feet," said Hunter (D-Chicago).

    Many formerly convicted residents face a short 30-day window to find housing, transportation and employment. Former convictions often can lock people out of housing and job opportunities.

    Under current law, the timing requirements for former offenders who have successfully completed probation under the statue is very tight.

    Senate Bill 2601 extends the 30-day timeframe to 60 days following a successful discharge from probation.

    The measure does not expand eligibility for the designated program nor does it reduce requirements for vacation of conviction.

    Hunter also co-sponsored Senate Bill 2465, which repeals Illinois’ requirement for former offenders to reimburse the Department of Corrections for expenses they incurred during their incarceration.

    In 2014, Hunter created a law that gave law-abiding former offenders the opportunity to ask courts to seal the records of minor offenses that happened over three years ago.

    "We should not let people's past mistakes ruin their chances for gainful employment. When former offenders can't find a legal means to support themselves, they turn to crime," said Hunter when her 2014 bill became law.

    Senate Bill 2601 passed the Senate 52-0 and is now in the House for further consideration.

  • Women's History Month 2016: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government


  • Senate offers spending authority to governor to honor contracts

    sullivan sb2059

  • Governor vetoes MAP, community college funding for Illinois students

    map veto ftr

  • Black lawmakers react to governor’s budget address

    lightford budgreax0216The governor’s budget address fails to help college students, vulnerable residents and disenfranchised communities. This was the core belief expressed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus at their budget press conference on Wednesday.

    ILBC Chair Kimberly Lightford joined members in calling student activists and the governor to action. She challenged the governor’s proposal to sell an outdated, broken education funding plan as true reform and his failure to address higher education concerns.

    “Funding our schools without reforming our unfair education system does more harm than good. No matter how much wealth you have, throwing money at a problem is not going to solve it without understanding the real issues at hand. Our decades-old funding formula has not done anything to meet the needs of today’s students. It has only led to the most regressive funding system in the nation."

  • No mention of college, seniors, disabled, veterans in Rauner budget speech (VIDEO)


  • Sen. Hunter shares feelings on the budget

    Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) expresses her feelings on the governor's second budget address at a press conference February 17, 2016.

  • MAP grants, community colleges funding head to governor (AUDIO)

    trotter map

  • Senate President criticizes GOP efforts to distract from real issues

    cpslogoSPRINGFIELD - The following statement was released by Senate President John J. Cullerton regarding Republican leaders misdirected ideas on Chicago Public Schools:

    “This is not going to happen. It’s mean spirited and evidence of their total lack of knowledge of the real problems facing Chicago Public Schools. The unfair treatment of pension systems by the state is the immediate cause of CPS’ financial problem. That situation ought to be addressed rather than promoting this far-fetched notion that the state is somehow in the position to take over Chicago schools. This ridiculous idea only serves as a distraction from the state’s problems that these two state leaders should be focusing on.”

  • Sen. Hunter to introduce crisis intervention training legislation

    Sen. Hunter to introduce crisis intervention training legislationCHICAGO – In the wake of the latest police shooting in Chicago, Sen. Mattie Hunter is calling for legislation to require Chicago’s police department to increase crisis intervention training and availability and use of non-lethal devises, such as Tasers.

    “Every police car should be equipped with a Taser or similar, non-lethal device.  We are seeing tragic incidents of people shot and killed when no one’s life is at risk. Lethal force should be a last resort, not a first response. In this day and age, alternative resources and technology exist that should be utilized,” said Hunter.

    In addition to expanded availability of non-lethal devices, Hunter wants additional crisis intervention training for officers and dispatchers so responding officers are better prepared for handling situations involving domestic violence and people with mental health issues.

    Hunter said the proposals would build off the reforms that the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus supported that take effect Jan. 1. Senate Bill 1304 sets official parameters for the use of police body cameras, increases training and reporting requirements for officers and clarifies the public’s right to access the videos.

    Other key policing reforms from the Capitol this year include:

    • Prohibiting the use of chokeholds
    • Requiring independent investigations when officers kill someone
    • Increased training requirements concerning the proper use of force and how to interact with victims with disabilities
    • Creating a statewide database of officers dismissed due to misconduct
  • Hunter: U of Chicago trauma center is first step

    hunter youthjobsCHICAGO – In response to University of Chicago’s announcement of a $40 million investment in expanding their hospital to include a Level 1 trauma center on Chicago’s South Side, Sen. Mattie Hunter released the following statement:

    “Chicago’s South Side is long overdue for a level 1 trauma center. While I am glad the University of Chicago is invested in our community, this is only the first step. Residents in Englewood and farther south west still need resources for trauma care,” said State Senator Mattie Hunter, who has stood at the forefront of this issue.

    “I hope the medical community will continue to invest in facilities that will help all of our residents.”

  • Senate sends local funding measure to governor

    sb2039 passes

  • Hunter votes for Cook County, LIHEAP funding

    hunter 120715SPRINGFIELD – Cook County residents soon will receive $93.94 million in critical funding for LIHEAP, winter road maintenance and local shares of video gaming and motor fuel tax revenue.

    “I voted so that vulnerable residents and seniors could receive the energy assistance they deserve,” said State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago, 3). “Hopefully Governor Rauner will stand with us and sign this bill so our local communities can receive critical funding.”

    The Senate approved legislation today to free up gas tax money for Cook County residents and recipients of LIHEAP. According to last year’s estimates, Cook County received $93.94 million in gas tax dollars, while the state received $275.53 million.

    Senate Bill 2039 also includes funding for the following:

    •    $1 billion to the Lottery for prizes
    •    $165 million for home heating bill assistance
    •    $77 million for 911-related costs
    •    $45 million to the Dept. of Revenue so local governments can receive their share of video gaming proceeds
    •    $43 million to the Community College Board for career and technical education activities
    •    $31 million to IDOT to purchase road salt
    •    $28 million for nursing home licensing and inspections
    •    $3.1 million to the Illinois Department of Public Health for the Tobacco Quitline
    •    $2.5 million for breast cancer services and research

    The bill now goes to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. While Gov. Bruce Rauner stated he supports this plan, he vetoed similar measures in June when the budget impasse began.

  • Sen. Hunter calls for termination of Officer Jason Van Dyke

    hunter guardianshipCHICAGO – In response to news reports about the police shooting of Laquan McDonald, a Chicago teen, Majority Caucus Whip Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago, 3) released the following statement:

    “Too many families, including my own, have been touched by violence in Chicago. As we turn to the police for help, yet again we are faced with disappointment. I’m calling on Superintendent Garry McCarthy to terminate Officer Jason Van Dyke immediately to prove this horrific circumstance is not symbolic of the Chicago Police Department’s ethics.”

  • Hunter's timely fair helps first-generation college students (VIDEO)

    hunter collegefair

  • Sen. Hunter: South Side trauma center a critical victory

    trauma ctrCHICAGO – South Side Chicagoans may soon access timely trauma care thanks to joint efforts between community leaders and lawmakers encouraging the medical community to address years of protest.

    "This is a big win for the South Side. Years of protest and state hearings have helped this come into fruition," said State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago), who spearheaded a first-of-its-kind state hearing on the lack of trauma centers in poorer neighborhoods.

  • Senate Democrats offer A+ laws for back-to-school season