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College students descend on Capitol (VIDEO, AUDIO)

College students descend on Capitol (VIDEO, AUDIO)Concerned students from across the state descended on the Capitol last week in support of critical funding for MAP grants and higher educational institutions. With the state in its fourth month without a budget agreement, many students are worried they will not be able to attend school next semester without the assistance of their MAP grant.

Senate Democrats passed a proposal in August to allocate $373 million in funding for MAP grants after the governor vetoed the Senate's original MAP spending proposal in July.

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Forby's facility tours highlight budget harm downstate

Forby's facility tours highlight budget harm downstateState Senator Forby (D-Benton) toured several rehabilitation and healthcare facilities recently to discuss the consequences Southern Illinois faces if Governor Rauner doesn't work with legislators to pass a budget. Senator Forby listened to suggestions from community members affected by the budget so he can bring their recommendations to Springfield.

"Governor Rauner is holding the budget process hostage in exchange for proposals in his wage-killing turnaround agenda," Senator Forby said.

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Morrison looks to spur budget conversation, solutions with new proposal (VIDEO)

Morrison looks to spur budget conversation, solutions with new proposal (VIDEO)At a time when the public increasingly wonders whether the governor and legislative leaders are meeting to try to resolve Illinois' budget crisis, State Senator Julie Morrison (D - Deerfield) held a press conference last week to introduce a proposal she hopes will prod those leaders to the negotiating table.

The measure, Senate Bill 2190, would require the governor and the four legislative leaders to meet publicly at least once per week to negotiate on the budget whenever the state enters a new fiscal year without a spending plan in place.

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