Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

Dear friends,

Happy Labor Day!

These days, the holiday is commonly celebrated with cookouts, boat trips, swimming or generally enjoying the last warm days of summer.

And I believe that’s exactly what those who began fighting for workers’ rights more than a century ago imagined when they set out to create a world in which workers had the right to pursue leisure, pleasure and a life outside of their jobs.

The labor movement began as a fight to recognize the dignity of workers in a time when they were treated as cogs in a machine.

Workers fought for and secured eight-hour workdays so that people weren’t leaving their homes and returning in the dark.

They passed child labor laws so that children could focus on learning and play.

They demanded fair wages so that hard work meant being able to feed your family.

They created weekends to enjoy time with loved ones or pursue individual interests.

And they enacted safety laws to affirm that workers’ lives are not dispensable.

Today, the Senate Democrats continue the fight for fair wages, safe working conditions and the right to organize.

On behalf of the Illinois State Senate Democratic Caucus, I offer a heartfelt “thank you” to all the hard workers in our great state and urge everyone find a moment of joy for yourselves and your loved ones this holiday weekend. It’s what generations of workers fought to secure.


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Senate President Don Harmon


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