halpin 022324SPRINGFIELD – The achievements of Career and Technical Education programs across the state will be recognized this February under a measure sponsored by State Senator Mike Halpin.

“Many CTE programs allow students to receive a debt-free education that sets them up with a good job,” said Halpin (D-Rock Island). “I believe there is agreement out there across our community and state that college isn’t for everyone. We need to be proud of our young people going to vocational school, as our state wouldn’t be able to build any infrastructure without them.”

Senate Resolution 750 declares February 2024 as Career and Technical Education Month in Illinois. Under the resolution, Career and Technical Education is celebrated by highlighting the positive effect it has on students. There are approximately 382,383 secondary and post-secondary students enrolled in CTE programs across the state. CTE is instrumental in ensuring fair and equal access to learning opportunities and supporting local communities.

“Career and Technical Education isn't just about learning skills, it's about empowering students to shape their futures,” said UT Area Career Center Director James Hood. “Students are graduating with not only a diploma, but a toolbox of practical skills ready to use in the real world. Through partnerships with Industry, CTE helps address employer needs, ensuring a pipeline of job-ready candidates.”

Senate Resolution 750 was adopted by the Senate Thursday.