turner snow 031324SPRINGFIELD – To protect university and community college employees, State Senator Doris Turner advanced a measure that would ensure employees and contractors receive their daily, regular rate of pay and benefits if a campus is closed due to a winter weather emergency.

“When campuses close for weather, it’s not usually planned and can leave workers without pay for a day or more,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “This initiative would protect the workers who often aren’t paid if campuses close but play an important role in the normal, day-to-day operations for universities and community colleges.”

Senate Bill 331 would require the Board of Trustees of each public university and community college to pay employees and contractors their daily, regular rate of pay and benefits if a campus is closed due to a city, county or state declaration of a winter weather emergency. The measure would not apply if the day is rescheduled and the employee would be paid their daily, regular rate of pay and benefits for the rescheduled day when services are rendered.

Turner’s measure would include employees who provide education support services to the campus, such as custodial, building maintenance, transportation and food service employees, and classroom assistants or administrative staff.

“Central Illinois is home to a number of higher education institutions where winter weather often affects our schedules,” Turner said. “Ensuring all employees and contractors would still receive pay allows them not to stress about income and know that they are valued at our colleges.”

Senate Bill 331 passed the Senate Higher Education Committee and heads to the full Senate for consideration.