turner 080122SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Doris Turner recently accepted the Jim Guilinger Legislative Award from the Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education in Springfield for her efforts in prioritizing ag as a state legislator.

“Agriculture plays an important role in our local economy and is the reason we have food on our table,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “Educating students about the agricultural industry encourages them to be a part of one of Illinois’ most vital productions.”

The Jim Guilinger Legislative Award is presented to legislators who advocate for and have been publicly supportive of Illinois agricultural education. The agricultural industry makes up about a quarter of Illinois’ jobs.

Turner previously led legislation to add agricultural sciences as a type of course that may be counted toward the requirement for three years of science in order to gain admission to an Illinois public university, and has been a staunch advocate of agricultural education. She believes it is crucial that today’s youth understand the ever-evolving and expanding agricultural industry with the knowledge gained through a current and progressive agricultural education.

“As a lifelong resident of central Illinois, I have always been an advocate for agriculture,” said Turner. “I will continue being a voice for the ag community and I am honored to receive this award.”

Visit the Illinois Agricultural Education & FFA website for more information.