turner npr uis 070921SPRINGFIELD –NPR Illinois is expected to lose more than $400,000 in funding from the University of Illinois-Springfield annually, phased out over the next several fiscal years. State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) has sent a letter to the chancellor of UIS and the president of the U of I system urging them to reverse the decision.

“NPR Illinois is one of the best sources of news for Illinois residents, especially in an era where it's becoming more difficult to distinguish between slanted and genuine news sources," Turner said. “I recognize the COVID-19 pandemic has had an economic impact on many universities, but cutting this program from UIS’s budget would do a huge disservice to both area residents and journalism students.”

According to recent reports in the media, NPR Illinois will see its yearly financial support from UIS decline gradually, dropping to zero within five years.

NPR Illinois is also one of the few remaining media venues that extensively covers state government. While more than 30 print and broadcast organizations once had bureaus at the Capitol, less than 10 do now.

“Over many years, this station has delivered true, fair and unbiased coverage to a multitude of listeners,” Turner said. “It has also given many journalists and interns an opportunity to thrive in the field while reporting on state government. This outlet produces quality journalism, and it needs to continue to operate.”

The university will continue to provide and maintain operational space on campus for NPR Illinois, along with parking and security.