SPRINGFIELD – To ensure Chicago residents are notified of lead service line replacements and have access to a clean water supply, State Senator Mike Simmons advanced a bill out of the Senate Thursday.

“Replacing lead pipes in our communities is about doing right by our Chicago residents,” said Simmons (D-Chicago). “People need to know when improvements are being made that affect their water supply, especially anything involving the removal of lead pipes.”

House Bill 2776 requires that, in addition to a written notice, a community water supply operator must send a notice via email to property owners and occupants of buildings affected by lead service line replacements, and requires the City of Chicago to publicly post data on their website on the progress of replacing lead service lines.

This initiative will address concerns regarding installation and the progress of lead pipe replacement and will only apply to the City of Chicago.

“Lead pipe replacement is necessary and we want people to be prepared,” Simmons said. “We need to make certain that the city is effectively communicating the risks and construction timelines so that residents can plan ahead.”

House Bill 2776 passed the Senate on Thursday.