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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Mike Simmons presented multiple pieces of legislation that will increase vehicle safety and improve CTA disability benefits to the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

“Transportation plays such an important role in our day-to-day lives. It is an essential service. Agencies responsible for providing services should be held accountable to provide accessible service to people of all abilities, and mitigate risks larger vehicles can pose to the road,” said Simmons (D-Chicago). “These bills will not only improve safety in our daily transportation, but will also help decrease the amount of accidents on our roads.”

Senate Bill 1892 provides that CTA, PACE and Metra benefits for people with disabilities will automatically renew unless discontinued by the benefit holder.

Senate Bill 2278  permits local authorities to impose limitations on the weight, height or length of trucks or other commercial vehicles on the highways under their jurisdiction. 

These measures passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday and now head to the Senate floor.