Senator Villa

SPRINGFIELD – Family and household members of survivors of sexual assault could file petitions for civil no-contact orders under legislation from State Senator Karina Villa (D-West Chicago), which was introduced in the Senate Criminal Law Committee Tuesday after passing the House with unanimous support.

“Survivors of sexual assault and harassment deserve to feel safe at home — that means providing protection not just to the survivor, but to their family and loved ones,” Villa said. “Expanding the list of people who can file petitions for no-contact orders is critical to restoring survivors’ peace of mind and helping them move forward.”

Under current law, a petition for a civil no-contact order can be filed by a survivor of non-consensual sexual conduct or by another person on behalf of a survivor who cannot file the petition. Villa’s measure would expand eligibility to offer protections for family or household members of survivors of non-consensual sexual conduct.

In order to qualify for these protections, the person filing the petition must first receive consent from the survivor.

“Survivors can reclaim their power by filing petitions for no-contact orders against their abusers,” Villa said. “I look forward to working with my fellow legislators to give survivors the opportunity to protect their loved ones and those closest to them as well.”

House Bill 1742 passed the Senate Criminal Law Committee and now goes to the full Senate.