Sen. Jacqueline Y. Collins

CHICAGO – On the heels of State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-Chicago) passing  a plan to ban the production and distribution of ghost guns, President Joe Biden is set to unveil national policy to address the issue. 

“Although I’m proud to see this threatening issue be taken to the national stage, Illinois must act quickly to enact my legislation to ban the production and distribution of ghost guns.” Collins said. “We cannot allow fatal gun violence to continue to run rampant in our communities. HB 4383 tackles these issues at their source.”

With the alarming rise of gun violence in a number of Illinois communities, the existence of untraceable firearms has become a pressing public safety concern. Ghost guns are firearms that lack serial identification, and they are growing in popularity because of their ease of accessibility. Not only can they be ordered online, but they can also be purchased absent a background check or a FOID card, which is required to carry either a firearm or ammunition in Illinois.

House Bill 4383, an initiative introduced by Senator Collins, would require all firearms –including 3D printed guns –to be serialized, effectively prohibiting the creation and sale of these weapons. Unserialized guns prevent law enforcement from thoroughly conducting their criminal investigations, which hinders their efforts to address the violence in our state. Illinois law enforcement has seen a 400% increase in these types of weapons in just the last five years. 

The federal rule, however, is expected to only regulate gun companies and not individuals who possess an existing stock of ghost guns. Collins’ legislation will require individuals who currently possess ghost guns to go get them serialized as well. 

“Enacting a nation-wide policy that protects our most vulnerable populations is a positive first step,” Collins said. “Although I would like to see a national policy that addresses individuals who possess ghost guns as well as dealers, I am pleased we are moving in the right direction.”

HB 4383 passed the General Assembly Friday and goes to the governor for final approval.

HB 4383 - Ghost Gun Fact Sheet