hunter hunger 031521CHICAGO – Over the last year, food insecurity doubled in U.S. the population overall and tripled for Illinois households with kids, which is why State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) is supporting a roadmap to end hunger in the state of Illinois.

“Too many people were struggling from food insecurity and lack of access to nourishment far before the pandemic,” said Hunter. “Lack of nourishment is linked to a plethora of health problems and must be put to an end. Everyone deserves access to healthy food, regardless of race, region, or income. I am happy to support this initiative and hope to see these disparities eradicated in Illinois.”

Hunter sits on The Illinois Commission to End Hunger, who revealed Thursday a three-part plan focused on promoting equitable access to food. Leveraging more accessible technology for nutrition program applications, improving access to nutrition programs and food retail, and strengthening collaboration across state agencies and community partners are all included in the imitative.

Over a million Illinoisans were participating in SNAP prior to the pandemic, and since, applications soared to over 35,000 applications a week, up from an average of 9,000 weekly. Illinois has seen a 60% increase in food insecurity for older adults during the pandemic.

“This initiative is necessary not only for those who are hungry now, but those who may be hungry in the near future,” Hunter said. “Many households are one lost paycheck away from a crisis, and we want to make sure we can help prevent those kinds of insecurities as well.”

The commission is made up of various state agencies, including Illinois Department of Human Services, Illinois Department of Health and Family Services, Illinois Department of Aging, Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

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