markham 011122FRANKFORT – The City of Markham is set to receive $900,000 in grants to revitalize the local business community, thanks to State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort).

Markham will receive funding from the Illinois Department of Economic Development to enhance and provide additional services to local businesses through its Rebuild Distressed Communities program. The grant is made possible by the state’s historic Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan, which Hastings was proud to support in 2019.

“These vital funds will help the City of Markham boost economic development and provide essential resources to small businesses in our community,” Hastings said. “We can work together to build a better tomorrow by creating new jobs and growing our economy.”

Projects for corridor improvements will repair and improve the surrounding area while increasing economic opportunities for impacted businesses. The projects were evaluated based on project need, capacity, quality, and societal impact. 

“The City of Markham Small Business District will have the benefit of added safety and security through the RDC corridor revitalization funds,” said Roger A. Agpawa, mayor of Markham. “This investment will allow us to protect this corridor with cameras and programmable smart signage, helping us deliver additional services to local businesses and the community.”

The final round of Rebuild Distressed Communities program provides $976,000 to 26 small businesses and $7.45 million to help revitalize seven commercial corridors located across the state.

For more information on assistance available for small businesses, or to learn more about ongoing capital programs, people can visit DCEO’s website or follow the department on social media at @IllinoisDCEO.

Hastings urges local businesses looking for assistance or for more information on state and local resources to reach out to his office at 815-464-5431 or visit