Senator Hastings

SPRINGFIELD - To reaffirm the state’s commitment to amateur athletics, State Senator Michael E. Hastings passed a measure through the Senate State Government Committee that creates the Illinois Amateur Sports Commission Act.

“Students throughout our state saw their athletic development stunted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Hastings said. “This commission is simply one way we can begin the work of making up for that lost time, fostering a culture of athletic success and physical fitness for future generations.”

Senate Bill 1749 creates the Illinois Amateur Sports Commission, whose purpose is to research, study, and make recommendations to the governor and General Assembly about the promotion, development, expansion, and fostering of amateur sports throughout the state.

The recommendations by the commission will be focused on the promotion and encouragement of physical fitness through participation in amateur sports and amateur sports programs. Additionally, the development of local and statewide business opportunities and economic development relating to amateur sports, amateur sports programs, competitions, and events will be prioritized.

Minnesota has a similar organization, which has generated sports tourism revenue and played a key role in assembling a bid proposal for Minnesota to host the 2024 Olympic Swimming Trials, for which the state is currently a finalist.

“We have seen similar organizations find success in promoting participation in amateur sports on a statewide level,” Hastings said. “This is an opportunity to build on that success using our state-of-the-art facilities and resources in Illinois to create an environment in which young athletes can continue to learn valuable life skills.”

This legislation now awaits consideration before the full Senate.