fine bc 051321SPRINGFIELD – Individuals could more easily change the sex designation on their birth certificate and receive fee waivers for copies of corrected birth certificates under an initiative proposed by State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview), which passed committee Wednesday.

“Unnecessary barriers to changing sex on a birth certificate can push marginalized communities further into the margins,” Senator Fine said. “An individual who identifies as female, male or gender nonconforming should be able to have their gender reflected on their birth certificate as easily as they do on their driver’s license.”



Senator Fine’s measure makes it easier for individuals who don’t identify with the sex on their birth certificate or who are intersex to change their original birth certificate by removing the requirement for a note from a medical professional. Eligibility for fee waivers for new birth certificates would also be expanded under this legislation to include individuals who are homeless, released from the Department of Corrections or in a domestic violence shelter.

The requirements set forth in the proposal line up with the requirements for changing sex designation on a driver’s license in Illinois, as well as the requirements for changing sex designation on birth certificates in 12 other states.

“Having access to a birth certificate that properly reflects your identity is the first step to proper identification for everyday activities,” Senator Fine said. “An individual stating their gender identity or that they are intersex should be more than enough for that change to be reflected on their birth certificate.”

House Bill 9 passed the Senate Executive Committee and now goes to the full Senate.