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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Christopher Belt advanced a measure out of the Senate Thursday that would prohibit law enforcement from pulling a vehicle over for objects placed between the driver and their front windshield.

“When drivers are pulled over due to something being on their rearview mirror, they are often unfairly targeted by law enforcement,” said Belt (D-Swansea). “It’s long overdue that we eliminate this reason for being pulled over.”

Under current law, people cannot drive with any objects placed or suspended between the driver and the front windshield, which obstruct the driver's view. House Bill 2389 would clarify that vehicles cannot be stopped or searched by a law enforcement officer solely on the basis of a violation or suspected violation of this subsection.

“This will go a long way in promoting fairness and equity in our state,” said Belt. “It’s vital we provide clarity to both law enforcement and drivers about what constitutes a legitimate reason for a traffic stop and now, having a parking pass or air freshener on your mirror will not be a reason for being pulled over.”

House Bill 2389 passed the Senate.