The Majority Report 02/22/15 - Sacrifices without sharing


Compassionate? Competitive?

President John J. Cullerton reacts to budget addressOn Wednesday, the governor presented his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2016 to a joint session of the Illinois General Assembly. His plans include significant cuts on programs serving the most vulnerable Illinoisans: disabled and ill people of all ages, college students, the elderly, those who rely on Medicaid -- the list goes on and on. The governor previously spoke of "shared sacrifice" but the cuts he requested had no balance with sacrifices from corporations or the most wealthy in Illinois.

One likely outcome of this approach would be cost shifts. For example, if your local government receives less funding, it may need to raise property taxes. If higher education funding is cut 30 percent, universities may raise tuition.

Senate President Cullerton and other Senate Democrats responded to the media and their constituents after the speech with their questions and concerns.

Disappointed Black Caucus reacts to budget addressThe Black Caucus held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the impact on minority communities.

This is the beginning of the process and lawmakers will now assess and negotiate actual legislation. We will seek a truly compassionate, competitive approach to serving all the people of Illinois responsibly and fairly.

President Cullerton's statement, senators' video responses >

Disappointed Senate Black Caucus reacts to budget address (video) >




Tell us your story

Tell us your storyThe governor's cuts reduce or eliminate services to programs serving people with a variety of special needs. Does your child have epilepsy? Does your neighbor depend on child care assistance to continue work or school? Do your elderly parents rely on public transit? Does your sister have breast cancer?

We need to hear from you about how these cuts will harm real people. Please let us know if you are willing to share what your family or friends will deal with if programs they rely on receive reduced funding or are eliminated entirely.

How will the proposed FY16 budget affect you?





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