Sen. Peters

Senate Democrats fight to strengthen outdated child labor laws

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois’ existing child labor laws have not been substantially updated since the industrial era – nor have they been brought into alignment with the prevailing service economy of the 21st century.

To better safeguard the rights and well-being of the state’s youngest residents, State Senator Robert Peters is leading a measure to protect youth from exploitation – which he outlined at a press conference.

“Young people in the workforce encounter challenges unique to their generation,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “This necessitates broader rules and regulations to safeguard their rights, safety, and well-being. Through expanded child labor laws, this legislation further protects a healthy balance between their work responsibilities, their education, extracurricular activities and personal lives.”

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Sens. Morrison and Loughran Cappel

Senate Democrats outline plan to protect youth from e-cigarettes

SPRINGFIELD – E-cigarette use is rising dramatically among Illinois teens – with the newest culprit of the epidemic being vapes that look highlighters, markers and other school supplies.
During a press conference last week, State Senators Julie Morrison and Meg Loughran Cappel outlined their proposals to curb the youth vaping epidemic.

“The dangerous and addictive nature of nicotine consumption is the reason I have taken a strong stand on this issue,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “We should do everything in our power to make it impossible for children to obtain and conceal tobacco products.”

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Sen. Collins

Collins advocates for youth in care: 'Their transition out of DCFS is vital to their future'

SPRINGFIELD – Continuing her advocacy for youth in care across Illinois, State Senator Lakesia Collins is pushing for legislation to address their struggles and how Illinois can help with the transition out of DCFS and support their future.

“As someone who has gone through the foster care system and faced homelessness on my departure, I cannot explain how vital this change is for so many who are currently in the state’s care,” said Collins (D-Chicago). “Making sure our youth can transition out of care to find stability and thrive in life is my top priority.”

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Sound of the State: Sens. Porfirio and Ventura

Sound of the State: A new episode on legalizing psilocybin

State Senators Rachel Ventura and Mike Porfirio join the Sound of the State to discuss Ventura’s new CURE Act legislation that would help veterans and those afflicted with mental illnesses.

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