Sen. Mike Halpin

Halpin advances measure with help from Rock Island probation officer

ROCK ISLAND – State Senator Mike Halpin advanced a measure to create a Community-Based Corrections Task Force that would research the benefits of specialty courts, like drug court and detention alternatives, and the creation of a community-based correctional facility.

“In Springfield, there are many issues that need expert review and recommendations,” said Halpin (D-Rock Island). “This task force brings on-the-ground expertise as to how folks with mental illness or addiction interact with our criminal justice system so we can achieve better outcomes for these individuals while keeping our communities safe.”

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Sen. Harris

Harris advances new initiative to bring hope to individuals fighting hair loss conditions

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Napoleon Harris, III advanced a new initiative inspired by constituent concerns for individuals fighting cancer who were unable to afford a hair prosthesis.

“Individuals who are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy or radiation have enough health hurdles to overcome,” said Harris (D-Harvey). “Making wigs and other scalp prostheses available to them can provide hope and help them feel more like themselves, giving them a sense of normalcy.”

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Sen. Fine

Fine advances Jordan's Law

SPRINGFIELD – One family’s tragic loss will help others in the future. Last fall, an Evanston family lost their son, Jordan while he was seeking treatment in a substance abuse treatment facility. Working with the family, the state and mental health care providers, State Senator Laura Fine is leading a measure to require substance abuse programs and mental health facilities to better communicate and give a patient’s family or caretaker timely notice of the patient’s passing.

“No parent or caretaker should have to wait days to be notified that their loved one has died while under the care of a treatment facility,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “It is essential that these facilities and programs have clear standards in place for sharing information with a patient’s loved ones. No one should ever have to go through what Jordan’s family experienced.”

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Sen. Feigenholtz

Feigenholtz advances Business Improvement District legislation

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Sara Feigenholtz passed Senate Bill 3679 — a bill three years in the making — out of the Senate Executive Committee on Wednesday with bipartisan support, meaning Illinois could soon join 45 states with permissive language to establish Business Improvement Districts.

“The pandemic dealt a blow to downtown business districts across the country. Illinois businesses are recovering, but they need the right tools to succeed,” said Feigenholtz (D-Chicago). “BIDs allow businesses to set their own agenda and reinvest 100% of funds they have contributed into safety and other improvements. BIDs are a huge win for retail, hospitality and tourism sectors.”

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