collins 040924SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Lakesia Collins is pushing for a measure known as Liam’s Law to provide better bereavement support measures to parents experiencing perinatal and infant loss.

“This legislation is a continuation of our efforts to provide more options to families when perinatal loss occurs,” said Collins (D-Chicago). “Requiring hospitals to notify parents of their rights is the least they can do during such painful circumstances.”


Collins is working to establish Liam’s Law to better support families in these circumstances. The measure would require hospitals to notify the parents of their right to receive a certificate of birth resulting in a stillbirth following a spontaneous fetal death during or after the second trimester.


 “This is one way we can help grieving parents during one of the toughest times of their lives,” said Collins. “I am proud to support this legislation as we continue to find ways to help and support Illinois families.”

Senate Bill 3182 passed the Senate on Tuesday and heads to the House for further consideration.