Sen. Mary Edly-Allen

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Mary Edly-Allen championed a law signed Friday to crack down on the abusive and harmful use of digital forgeries known as deepfakes.

“These videos may be fake, but the emotional impacts are real. The sad reality is, deepfake technology is predominantly being used to create sexual videos of women without their consent,” said Edly-Allen (D-Libertyville). “Despite the rise of deepfakes there are no consequences for bad actors.”

Deepfakes are images, video, or audio that have been manipulated using AI technology to insert the face and/or voice of a person, in a way that looks authentic.

House Bill 2123 creates a civil cause of action against any person who knowingly distributes, creates or solicits a digital forgery of another individual without their consent and for the purposes of harassing, extorting, threatening or causing harm to the falsely depicted individual.

"Technology, including AI technology, continues to evolve rapidly - now is the time to take action to end image-based sexual abuse and hold bad actors accountable," Edly-Allen said.

 House Bill 2123 was signed into law Friday and goes into effect Jan. 1, 2024.