Connor 4 28CHICAGO – State Senator John Connor (D-Lockport) accepted the James Brodie Excellence in Legislation award at the Illinois Security Professionals Association’s 60th Annual Awards and Honors Gala on Tuesday.

“Everyone who carries a gun as part of their job should be properly trained — it helps protect them and helps protect our families and communities,” Connor said. “I am both honored and humbled to have received this recognition, and I am proud to join the Illinois Security Professionals Association in their mission to increase professionalism, knowledge and expertise of those involved in security.”

The award comes in response to Connor’s legislation to prevent potentially fatal accidents by increasing training requirements for private detectives and private security guards who want to carry firearms.

Existing law required security guards to complete 40 hours of basic training to be licensed as private security contractors. Guards employed by corporations were able to carry weapons without completing the required training if the corporation they work for employs five or less armed guards. The new law requires all armed employees to complete the training and creates even more stringent training requirements for private detectives and private security contractors.

“ISPA is delighted to present Sen. Connor with this award in appreciation for his efforts to help keep our communities safe,” said Ernie Kuhnke, President of the Illinois Security Professionals Association.

The ISPA has been an advocate for security professionals in Illinois since 1961. To learn more about the association or get involved, visit their website.