johnson033022CM1526rWAUKEGAN – Building upon the smart infrastructure investments supported by Senator Adriane Johnson, the Illinois Department of Transportation announced an investment of nearly $8 million in road and bridge improvement projects.

“For too long, our infrastructure has suffered from historic underinvestment, threatening the safety and security of our community,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “These funds will go toward revitalizing our roads, creating jobs and boosting growth in the area.”

As part of IDOT’s latest Multi-Year Plan under Rebuild Illinois, the district Johnson represents will see 20 infrastructure projects totaling more than $62 million over the next six years.

Some of the most vital projects coming to the area this year include:

  • Lane reallocation on Route ILL 137 Sheridan Road from  11th to 16th Street in North Chicago
  • Bridge replacement on Belvidere Street near CNW RR & ILL 137 in Waukegan
  • Construction engineering on Belvidere Street near CNW RR & ILL 137 in Waukegan
  • Construction engineering  on Lakeview Parkway  near Center Drive to Fairway in Vernon Hills
  • Pavement improvements on Lakeview Parkway near Center Drive to Fairway in Vernon Hills

These projects are part of IDOT’s multi-year plan, a $34.6 billion investment in construction projects for the next six fiscal years.  

The $34.6 billion will go to highway reconstruction and preservation, bridge improvements, strategic expansion, system support such as engineering and land acquisition, and safety and system modernizations. Over six years, the funding will be dispersed to improve more than 2,500 miles of roads and nearly 10 million square feet of bridges.

“Good infrastructure is key to easier commutes, more tourism opportunities and enhanced economic activity, “Johnson said. “These projects won’t just make our commutes safer, they’ll bring jobs to the community to benefit families for years to come.”

To find a full list of projects slated for the 30th Senate District, visit IDOT’s website.