johnson033022CM1526rWAUKEGAN – To provide input and improve the commerce relationship of Illinois agencies with minority-owned and women-owned businesses, State Senator Adriane Johnson was appointed to serve on the State Procurement Task Force.

“In the past, equity has not been prioritized in the state procurement process,” said Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “By assigning a task force to help strengthen the relationship of agencies with minority-owned and women-owned businesses, Illinois can work to create an inclusive commerce process throughout the state.”

The State Procurement Task Force will review Illinois’ procurement process and make recommendations to improve equity and efficiency, provide departments with more flexibility and increase minority-owned and women-owned business participation.

“I look forward to advocating on behalf of both minority-owned and women-owned businesses throughout the state to improve equity in Illinois’ procurement process,” Johnson said.

Under the task force’s guidelines, a report is due to the General Assembly by Jan. 1, 2024.