johnson 090121WAUKEGAN – Illinois families can avoid COVID-19 tax delays by getting a head start on filing tax returns. State Senator Adriane Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove) is encouraging Illinoisans to take advantage of the 17 day early start, beginning Jan. 24.

“With COVID-19 infections on the rise again, the IRS is warning Illinois families to file their taxes before things become challenging,” Johnson said. “Our communities have been faced with the unimaginable these last few years, so get a head start this new year and don’t be burdened by a missed opportunity.”

The deadline for filling individual tax returns is Monday, April 18. This is three days later than past years. April 18 is also the deadline for filling extension requests, which gives tax payers until Oct. 17 to file tax returns if accepted.

The IRS has given the following tips to avoid minimized tax returns and delays:

  • Avoid filing a paper tax return. This, along with receiving refunds via direct deposit, will be more important this year to avoid processing delays.
  • Report COVID-19 Economic Impact and advance Child Tax Credit payments. Taxpayers who received these payments must report them correctly on their tax returns to avoid delays. The IRS will send letters to receivers of the payments, but taxpayers can also check for the amounts at

“I understand filling taxes can be a headache, but take advantage of Certified Public Accountants for assistance this tax season,” Johnson said. “I hope these tips will make the process easier for the community to reach the deadline for filling taxes and receive tax returns before delays occur.”

The IRS expects taxpayers to receive refunds within 21 days of filling.