Sen. Patrick Joyce

SPRINGFIELD – Because local governments deserve a bigger share of the state’s income tax revenue, State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) introduced Senate Bill 3392, an initiative to relieve the burden of property taxes and shore up critical services and programs.

Originally introduced by State Rep. Anthony DeLuca, the plan increases state payments toward the Local Government Distributive Fund. When lawmakers increased the state income tax in 2011, they also reduced the amount of the LGDF for municipalities from 10% to 6%.

This legislation restores the local share to the 10% municipalities received before 2011 to provide some much-needed property tax relief. Joyce and DeLuca both represent communities that pay some of the highest property tax rates in the country.

“As I travel around the area, there is a common theme among our local governments: We need help,” said Joyce. “Communities have no choice but to raise property taxes to maintain streets and support police and fire services. People in my community know something has to change.”

Senate Bill 3392 provides a fairer share of the state income tax revenue to local governments to reduce the local property tax burden without putting critical services and programs at risk.

“I stand proudly with Rep. DeLuca to try to get this legislation passed for our communities this year," Joyce said.