Sen. Patrick Joyce

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce co-sponsored a measure that would increase renewable energy procurement and promote environmental conservations by adding a framework to the Illinois Power Agency Act.

“Hydropower is a clean and reliable energy source that has the potential to help Illinois meet its renewable energy goals,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “However, we need to make sure that we are not encouraging the construction of new dams, because this can lead to negative impacts on our environment and natural resources.”

Under this legislation, the Illinois Power Agency would be required to procure a percentage of its renewable energy credits from hydropower dams. This would help increase the use of this renewable energy source, while also promoting environmental conservation by using dams that already exist.

This initiative is aimed to support hydropower dams across the state, especially the Kankakee Hydropower Dam and the Wilmington Dam, located in Joyce’s district.

“Renewable energy is critical to protecting our planet,” said Joyce. “This legislation can help increase the use of this clean energy source that also promotes conservation and efforts to protect our environment altogether.”

Senate Bill 1474 passed the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee on Thursday and awaits further consideration before the full Senate.