Joyce HB 2910


SPRINGFIELD – With support from State Senator Patrick Joyce, two new laws will protect consumers from shady business practices and promote transparency.

“The goal of these new laws is to protect small businesses and consumers,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “Keeping our stores and delivery services transparent about pricing will ensure that consumers know exactly what they are purchasing.”

While retailers provide notice of discounts through various methods such as receipts, in-store promotions, advertisements, and price tags, there is nothing written in Illinois law concerning how prices and discounts are displayed during checkout. To ensure shoppers receive their discount, Joyce supported House Bill 2910 to require supermarkets to show both the regular and sale prices of items as they are rung up.

Another measure supported by Senator Joyce is House Bill 3205, also known as the Fair Food and Retail Delivery Act, which prohibits third party delivery companies from posting a menu, registered trademark or any intellectual property without the express written consent of restaurants, bars and retail establishments.

The law bans third-party delivery services from listing non-partnered restaurants or retailers on their platform. Several reports indicate delivery services have listed menus and items without the knowledge or consent of the restaurant or retailer.

“Illinois is committed to helping the small businesses community,” Joyce said. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and provide much-needed economic growth.”

House Bill 3205 takes effect Jan. 1, 2023 and House Bill 2910 takes effect immediately.