Snowmobiles winter Yellowstone

International Snowmobile Safety Week is Jan. 15-23

HERSCHER – State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) echoes calls from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to remind snowmobilers to stay safe this winter.

“Enjoy the trails when the snow finally falls, but make sure to stay safe when riding your snowmobile,” Joyce said. “Stay safe on your snowmobile this winter and remember that you have a family back home. Accidents are preventable if we all follow the rules.”

Here are some basic safety tips for snowmobilers of all experience:

  • Know your equipment, and double check that all of your equipment is in working order.
  • Drowning is one cause of snowmobile fatalities; avoid thin ice.
  • Know the weather forecast.
  • Travel at a reasonable rate of speed for visibility and conditions.
  • Always use the buddy system and never ride alone or unaccompanied.

“In most instances, knowing the trail and traveling at a reasonable rate of speed for trail conditions can prevent accidents,” Jeff Hopkins, IDNR Safety Education Administrator. “Staying alert and sober is a must. Unfortunately, far too many accidents involve impaired operators, resulting in injuries and fatalities.”

Snowmobile safety information is available on the IDNR website.