joyce 040121PEMBROKE – Residents of Pembroke Township could heat their homes more cleanly and efficiently under legislation from State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex). The measure, which would help bring a natural gas pipeline to the area, cleared the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee Thursday.

This legislation would create the Pembroke Township Natural Gas Investment Pilot Program, administered by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. The program would distribute grants for the construction of new natural gas pipelines and infrastructure in Pembroke Township.

“No natural gas pipeline serves Pembroke Township, which forces 2,100 residents to rely on propane, wood-burning stoves and electric space heaters,” Joyce said. “Not only would this pipeline make residents’ lives easier, but the installation would also help bring new jobs to Pembroke.”

At a December 2019 meeting, Nicor officials identified 400 homes and 22 businesses in the village for service in the project, estimated to cost $8 million. While residents would be able to opt in or out of service, Joyce secured $1 million in state funding last year that will cover residents’ costs if they choose to convert their homes to natural gas service.

“The effort to bring natural gas to Pembroke dates back a couple of decades,” Joyce said. “I’m thrilled to be the sponsor of this transformative legislation.”

Senate Bill 2393 moves to the Senate floor for further consideration.