women suffrage 032124SPRINGFIELD – In a moving tribute to the legacy of women’s suffrage, members of the Illinois Senate Women’s Caucus donned white attire on Thursday, commemorating the historic struggle for women’s right to vote.

“Our work to uplift women’s voices and ensure they are part of the decision-making process continues,” said State Senator Ann Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights), co-chair of the Illinois Senate Women’s Caucus. “Today, we wear white to honor the suffragists who fought for women’s right to vote and reaffirm our commitment to furthering their legacy by breaking barriers and bringing positive change to our state.”

The decision to wear white attire stems from a rich tradition within the suffrage movement. Suffragists famously wore white as a symbol of purity, morality, and the quest for equality. By adopting this symbolic gesture, the Illinois Senate Women’s Caucus pays homage to the trailblazing women who fought tirelessly for suffrage rights, paving the way for future generations of women to participate in the democratic process.

The symbolic gesture also serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for gender equality and the importance of continued advocacy for women’s rights.

“Today we wear white – a color used as a lingering symbol of the women’s suffrage movement and how far we have come,” said Senate Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford (D-Maywood). “For centuries, women around the world were relegated to the sidelines of society. Their voices silenced and their rights trampled upon. But in the face of such adversity, a brave few rose up, demanding justice and equality for all. Today we honor their legacy and vow to continue to carry the torch forward.”

The Illinois Senate Women’s Caucus stands united in its commitment to advancing policies that empower women, promote gender equality and strengthen communities across Illinois.