Feigenholtz & Villivalam

CHICAGO – In recognition of environmental leadership, State Senators Sara Feigenholtz and Ram Villivalam recently received awards from the Illinois Environmental Council.

Feigenholtz received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Villivalam received the Milestone Achievement Award.

“Residents of the 6th District have and will always be passionate when it comes to protecting our air and water,” said Feigenholtz (D-Chicago). “We will continue to incentivize clean and renewable energy, hold polluters accountable and pass laws for future generations.”

Feigenholtz and Villivalam have championed and supported cutting-edge environmental legislation during their time in the General Assembly.

Feigenholtz previously led a measure that lays out environmental responsibility and governance requirements for B Corporation-certified companies. She worked to bring back Chicago’s four vehicle emissions testing sites that were shuttered in 2016, passing legislation requiring the Illinois EPA to reinstate the sites. This year, Feigenholtz passed Senate Bill 40, the Electric Vehicle Charging Act, which gives Illinois residents the “right to charge” their electric vehicles. The legislation laid the foundation for EV charging capability at residential properties across the state.

Villivalam championed an environmental bill affecting the conservation of soil and water, Senate Bill 1701. The bill changes the definition of “soil health” and creates standards for healthy soil and water quality.

“I was honored to receive this year’s Milestone Achievement award in recognition of legislation I sponsored to protect the health of our soil and water, key components of our overall nutrient loss reduction strategy,” said Villivalam (D-Chicago). “I look forward to continuing our work together.”

The IEC’s Environmental Leadership Awards are given every year to community, government and business leaders that remain committed to addressing environmental issues.