hunter 031721CHICAGO – State Senator Mattie Hunter, who represents part of Chinatown in Chicago, is outraged about the rise of violence against Asian Americans in America and released the following statement after the shooting of eight people – six who were Asian American –  in Georgia-based massage parlors last night:

“My heart is saddened by the events that transpired in Atlanta. It’s sickening that this shooting was a possible hate crime against Asian Americans.

“I send my support to the victims’ families and to any person in the Asian community that feels unsafe, including anyone in the district I represent. We have to bring an end to hate against Asian populations, and to all bigotry, no matter where it takes place.

“This type of violence and bigoted ideology must stop. Everyone deserves to feel safe in this country, and I will work to ensure that no community feels like they might be the victim of something as tragic as this.”