holmes 033123SPRINGFIELD – As a longstanding advocate for women’s reproductive rights, State Senator Linda Holmes was proud to be a cosponsor of Senator Celina Villanueva’s legislation to prohibit crisis pregnancy centers from providing misleading information to women seeking to learn about safe and legal options when they believe they are pregnant. That measure – Senate Bill 1909 – passed the Senate Friday.

“For years, we’ve seen facilities that call themselves ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ (CPCs) and present themselves to the public as health care clinics; in fact, they give vulnerable women information that is misleading and false,” said Holmes (D-Aurora). “Instead of getting accurate, fact-based information with which they can consider all of their options, they are given unsafe advice, are literally misdirected away from clinics that provide inclusive reproductive health care and directed to a CPC with limited services, all of which exclude abortion procedures.”

Senate Bill 1909 prohibits CPCs from hindering a woman from gaining access to a provider of abortion or emergency contraceptives and persuading them instead into their clinics with limited services and counseling that discourages their access to abortion and misstates risks. This would also cover their advertising and promotional materials.

“The majority of Americans support women’s bodily autonomy in choosing what happens with their health,” Holmes said. “Abortion is legal and protected in Illinois; I will continue to stand up for reproductive care without interference by deceptive facilities.”

Senate Bill 1909 passed the Senate Friday. It now moves to the House for their consideration.