kids pitty 080621SPRINGFIELD – Presently, homeowners’ insurance policies are allowed to place limitations based on discrimination against certain dog breeds or mixes. Discrimination in all forms is suspect, and Senator Linda Holmes’ (D-Aurora) bill to restrict this practice was signed by the governor Friday.

“When you have a dog and need to move, it can be difficult to find a place that may allow your breed of dog,” Holmes said. “Humane organizations have been fighting these breed stereotypes for years, and this moves the ball forward to make pet ownership and housing more compatible.”

Senate Bill 1672 provides for a two-year data collection period to collect data on dog related incidents to ascertain any trends suggesting whether these changes are appropriate for property owners and families with dogs. It reduces the categories the industry would have to collect, and provides that all insurance companies, even those that did not discriminate against breeds of dogs, would have to collect the data so the Insurance Department would have enough to analyze.

“I’m glad we’ve made progress on this, and am grateful for the support of Best Friends Animal Society, Illinois State Bar Association, Animal Protective League, Humane Society of the United States, and many regional shelters and breed clubs – with no opponents,” Holmes said.

Senate Bill 1672 takes effective immediately with the governor’s signature.