Vote by mailPEORIA – Vote by mail legislation signed into law today will provide Illinoisans with a safe way to participate in the upcoming November election, State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) said.

“It’s important to take into account the sense of unease brought on by the COVID-19 crisis,” said Koehler, who supported Senate Bill 1863. “Those who express hesitation about congregating in large groups deserve to have their concerns recognized. Providing increased access to the vote is a simple way to provide some peace of mind.”

Under Senate Bill 1863 any person who has voted in the past two years — in the 2018 General Election, 2019 Consolidated Election or 2020 Primary Election — would receive an application for a vote by mail ballot in their mailbox. It can then be filled out and mailed to your election commission, or will include instructions for making the request electronically.

Voters can still go the polls on Election Day, which the legislation makes a state holiday in 2020.

“Our goal is, as always, to encourage as many people as possible to exercise their right to vote.” Koehler said. “This legislation provides a safe, secure means of doing so this November.”

This legislation is effective immediately.