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SPRINGFIELD – Legislation sponsored by State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) aimed to encourage people to invest in cars and small trucks manufactured in Illinois advanced out of the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

“Encouraging consumers to purchase vehicles that are manufactured in-state is a simple and effective way to support our statewide economy,” Koehler said. “By offering an economic incentive for vehicles made in Illinois, we can make the decision easy when it comes down to purchasing in- versus out-of-state cars.”

Under Senate Bill 3609, Illinoisans purchasing cars or passenger trucks will have the opportunity to apply for a $25 rebate on the title fee if the vehicle was manufactured in Illinois.  The application for title must occur within one year of the month the vehicle was manufactured.

“We have an incredibly talented and dedicated manufacturing workforce here in Illinois,” Koehler said. “Our state manufactures reliable, high-quality vehicles that, under this legislation, would become more affordable to our residents across the board.”

Senate Bill 3609 awaits further consideration.