vanpelt 030320 1CHICAGO – Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) issued the following statement today as the Governor signed the budget for the upcoming fiscal year:

“Many are suffering grave misfortunes due to COVID-19, and it’s crucial that the state budget provides all the support possible to the organizations that need it now more than ever.

“I am glad that the governor stands with the General Assembly, and signed a budget that safeguards funding for the schools, universities, non-profits and the social service programs that are essential to our communities.

“The people and the organizations that are most vulnerable will get the support they need, with an additional $600 million for affected businesses, and an additional $600 million for the Department of Public Health, all while protecting education from any budget cuts.

“The Community Care Program will get another $28 million, which is just one way this budget aims to protect the elderly, one of the populations worst affected by the coronavirus.

“This budget acknowledges that we are in a crisis while balancing the needs of the people with state resources and available opportunities from the federal government. I look forward to organizations getting the relief they need.”