scales 041023SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters is working hard to help more people affected by crime by expanding assistance under the Crime Victims Compensation Program.

“We need a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to support people affected by crime on their journey to justice,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Each person is different and it’s important that our laws take into account the diverse range of experiences and challenges someone may face – especially vulnerable populations, such as immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, or those with disabilities, and tailor support services accordingly.”


Crime can have severe, lasting effects on victims impacted by it. The losses suffered by victims of crime are diverse and can extend beyond the immediate incident, resulting in financial losses, disruptions to daily routines and employment, and other long-term physical and emotional consequences affecting an individual’s quality of life.


Senate Bill 3713 broadens who can be considered a "victim" or "applicant," making more people affected by crimes eligible for compensation. It also adds more types of payments to better cover the different ways victims might lose things, like their belongings or money they would have earned.

Senate Bill 3713 passed the Senate Wednesday and heads to the House for further consideration.