peters 041024SPRINGFIELD — In an effort to safeguard the rights of young people, State Senator Robert Peters advanced a measure out of the Senate to update regulations on child labor to shield young individuals from exploitation.

“This measure shows we're committed to keeping young people in the workforce safe,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Protecting youth in work environments gives them the opportunity to learn and grow while contributing positively to the economy without fear of harm.”


Under Senate Bill 3646, additional regulations would be established for minors in the workforce. Peters’ measure proposes changes to various aspects of current child labor laws such as working conditions, age requirements and industries prone to exploitation.


Peters’ legislation extends safeguards to minors not enrolled in conventional public or private educational institutions with standard school schedules, clearly defining when students are permitted to work. Additionally, the measure adds to the list of prohibited jobs for minors and jobs requiring adult supervision, and imposes increased penalties for violations.

Senate Bill 3646 now advances to the House for further deliberation.