ipass 062920DES PLAINES – To provide relief to thousands of Illinois motorists facing steep fees for unpaid tolls, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) is drawing attention to a new reform and relief package implemented by the Illinois Tollway.

“It’s outrageous to slap motorists with such hefty fees for something as minor as an unpaid toll, and recent financial conditions have made it even harder for Illinoisans to face those costs,” Murphy said. “I’m glad to see the Illinois Tollway offering relief to customers by introducing a more equitable tolling system.”

Illinois Tollway has launched TOLLING 2020, a comprehensive tolling reform package featuring a reduction in initial and outstanding fees for unpaid tolls, as well as the establishment of a grace period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, motorists face a $20 fine for each toll left unpaid for at least 14 days, which increases to $70 after 60 days. Under TOLLING 2020, this fine will be reduced to $3 for passenger vehicles, which increases to $8 after 90 days.

Beginning in July, all existing $20 and $50 fines will be reduced to $3 per unpaid toll through the end of the year, giving motorists six months to settle violations at this reduced rate.

Additionally, customers with unpaid tolls between March 9 and June 25 will receive an invoice for their unpaid tolls only, without added fees. Following the payment deadline, any unpaid passenger vehicle tolls will begin to incur fees under the new guidelines.

Since the Illinois Tollway is still operating all-electronic toll collection to prevent the spread of COVID-19, customers are encouraged to pay their tolls online within 14 days to avoid fines. Customers can review and pay outstanding balances at www.IllinoisTollway.com, even if they were previously sent to collections for unpaid toll violations.