Senator Murphy 5 4 2021SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) is strongly supporting the Illinois State Democrats’ package of initiatives focused on supporting law enforcement officers and improving the state’s criminal justice system.

“Law enforcement officers bravely risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe,” Murphy said. “I am proud to support legislation aiming to keep them safe in the line of duty, and make sure they have the tools they need to address rising crime rates.”

Among the measures Murphy supports are: House Bill 4608, which allows grants for body cameras to cover storage of video data, and House Bill 3893 allows investigators to continue recording conversations for qualified sex and drug offenders.

The package also includes legislation to address mental health concerns many law enforcement personnel experience from witnessing difficult situations in the line of duty. House Bill 1321 would create a fund to provide behavioral health services to first responders, making mental health care more accessible for the law enforcement community.

Further, to encourage people to consider a career in law enforcement and support those who continue to serve their community in this field, House Bill 4228 would require a county sheriff’s salary to equal at least 80% of the county states attorney’s salary; this promotes fair compensation across the state. The measure ensures sheriffs are adequately compensated for their current duties and prior work experience as officers. House Bill 3863 creates the Law Enforcement Recruitment and Retention Fund to support departments through the hiring and training processes and improve retention strategies.

“Our law enforcement officers are willing to protect us at great cost to their own safety,” Murphy said. “I’m happy to stand up and advocate for their concerns and needs.”

With the support of The Illinois Sheriff’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Senator Murphy plans to continue to work with her colleagues to advance these bills before the scheduled April 8 adjournment.