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SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) was proud to stand with her colleagues to announce the founding of the Illinois Assyrian Caucus at a press conference on Wednesday, as well as her role as a founding member the group. 

“The district I represent is strengthened by its diverse population, including a large community of Assyrian immigrants” Murphy said. “Forming this caucus will help us highlight issues that are concerning to the Assyrian-American community and representing them like they deserve.”

Assyrians are a transnational ethnic group indigenous to parts of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Over 80,000 Assyrian-Americans live in Illinois, and they have formed vibrant cultural communities throughout the state. To ensure this community is represented best in government, Murphy and her colleagues formed the Assyrian caucus.

The group is made up of eighteen founding members with bipartisan support and is committed to learn about the challenges Assyrian-Americans face to better address these issues through their work as Senators. Senator Murphy is hopeful that this caucus will give Assyrian-Americans a greater voice in state government.

“For a community that has been historically oppressed, it is especially important to make sure they are being heard moving forward and that’s being reflected in our initiatives,” Murphy said. “I want to make sure that everyone in my district feels welcome and represented by their government.”

Senator Murphy and the rest of the Assyrian caucus look forward to supporting Assyrian-American interests as the legislative session continues.