Sen. Laura Murphy

SPRINGFIELD – Students are now allowed to self-administer prescribed medication while at school under a law sponsored by State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines).

Murphy’s measure requires schools to allow students with an action plan to self-administer prescribed medication with permission from their parent or guardian.

“No parent should have to wonder whether their child will be able to access their medication when they need it,” Murphy said. “When we give kids the right to self-administer their medicine, we not only give them control over their own health—we also make it easier for them to focus on school work, and we reassure parents that their kids are well cared for at school.”

Gwynne Ryan, a teacher at Maine West High School brought this issue to Murphy. Ryan faced opposition from her child’s school when she requested that her child be allowed to self-administer medication.

"Helping kids to manage all aspects of their lives and medical needs, in and out of school, is essential for lifelong good health and a sense of individual responsibility. This is what I want to teach my child and what Senator Murphy has helped make possible for many more parents,” said Ryan. “Senator Murphy’s action on issues that directly impact her constituents shows her dedication to public service."

Public Act 101-205 went into effect Jan. 1, 2020.