murphy 042021SPRINGFIELD – Illinoisans could soon be able to count on clean and reliable energy to power their homes under Senate Bill 18, also known as the Energy Transition Act, a plan State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) says will put the state at the forefront of the nationwide race toward renewable electricity production:

“The Energy Transition Act represents not only the largest investment in renewable energy in Illinois history, but also the most innovative clean energy agreement in the nation.

“We’re taking bold steps to decarbonize our energy sector by 2050 in a way that protects and creates jobs, divesting from imported power from other states and investing in homegrown renewable energy every Illinoisan can depend on.

“This plan puts the people of Illinois above corporate interests, laying the foundation for thousands of good-paying jobs, long-term economic development, and a brighter, healthier, more equitable future for our children and grandchildren.”