murphy dr 042221SPRINGFIELD – To increase transparency and cut red tape for doctors trying to restore their medical licenses, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) is leading a proposal that would require the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to publish detailed instructions on its website.

“If a physician has served their punishment and wants to have their license restored, they have the right to know how to go about it,” Murphy said. “This initiative would ensure specific steps and requirements are laid out in one easily accessible location.”

Murphy’s initiative would require IDFPR to post on its website the process for requesting a hearing on disciplinary action and the process for restoring a medical license after successful completion of a term of probation, suspension or revocation.

Illinois physicians already possess these rights, but they must often wade through complicated legal codes for information about the necessary steps. As a result, requesting a hearing or license restoration can be confusing and frustrating.

“A doctor looking to return to the field should be able to pursue license restoration without worrying about wrong turns and headaches,” Murphy said. “This legislation won’t change the procedure itself, but it will make it more transparent.”

Senate Bill 1790 passed the Senate Wednesday and now heads to the House.