SPRINGFIELD — Under a measure from State Senator Robert Martwick, the property tax system in Illinois would face review by the Department of Revenue.

“Taxpayers all across the state of Illinois are aware that the property tax system needs to be reformed,” said Martwick (D-Chicago). “This bill represents an acknowledgement that our property tax system needs to be reevaluated and the best reforms can only be achieved by instituting best practices, which will be identified by this study.”

Martwick’s measure would commission the Department of Revenue, in consultation with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, to conduct a comprehensive study evaluating the entire property tax system in the state. During the study, IDOR would examine whether the existing property tax levy, assessment, appeal and collection process is reasonable and fair, and issue recommendations for improvement.

Illinois has one of the highest effective property tax rates in the nation according to a study by the Tax Foundation. In calendar year 2021, Illinois ranked second behind New Jersey, with 2.08% and 2.23% effective property tax rates, respectively. The national average is just over 1%.

“Through this legislation we will be able to identify key areas in the property tax system that need addressing,” Martwick said. “We want to ensure that our process is accurate so that when reforms are made, no one is paying more than their fair share.”

Senate Bill 3455 passed the Senate Thursday. It now goes to the House for further consideration.